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Kisangani, June 22, 2003

December 12, 2007

leon-and-kids.jpg Leon and the kids at the school he ran

This week Malaria kept me in the hospital (see Malaria, June 17) so I was unable to observe very much but I do have a couple of good stories to tell you: UNICEF finds a way to help the warring parties improve forced conscription, young Rappers lash out at the war-lords and Kisangani gets the cell phone before the stage-coach. (more…)


Kisangani, June 8, 2003

November 15, 2007

 rifle-barrel.jpgI left Gbadolite with the journalists happy to finally be doing a local news program, the Monuc finally happy with the work of the reporters, me happy to finally be invited to the journalists’ homes for wonderful Congolese meals, the electricity failing and MLC rebel leader Jean-Pierre Bemba desperately trying to keep a hold on his power.  (more…)

Gbodolité, June 1, 2003

November 13, 2007

children.jpgMore than three weeks without the Internet, UN phones often down, power failures more numerous, radio equipment out of order and growing insecurity, not to mention the great injustice I feel I have suffered from the Fondation have marked the past three weeks of silence. (more…)

Gbodolité, May 11, 2003

November 13, 2007

cemetery.jpgThe cemetery of Belgian missionaires 

“Lets get out of here!”  The most used phrase in Hollywood films.  

I am told the runway at the airport here is the longest in Africa, although I am sure the officer with the local rebel army was exaggerating when he said: “it is seven kilometers long”.  When Mobutu was in power, many Western presidents flew in here and even the Concorde landed a few times.  The runway is still in great condition but, except for the heavy machineguns on the roves of the terminals, nothing else is in operating condition.  The windows are gone, even up top of the control tower, and everything, including what was nailed down, was looted in one of the two soldiers’ rampages: the first, the minute Mobutu fled his palace in 1997 and the second, when Laurent Desire Kabila and his Chadian backers were defeated in 1998. (more…)