Democratic Republic of Congo 2003

kincarmob3.jpgThe following are my writings during the ten months I spent in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2003, working with a Swiss NGO and the United Nations.  I have chosen not to change too much because the darkness I fill into is part of the story.

 If you feel at times I am too hard on the Congolese, try to understand that, unlike many do-gooders, I was not in Goma or Kinshasa where you have hot running water, electricty and food.  I was in places where I watched people die like flies from the “peace” and where often, even as a white, I had little to eat.

I do not go easy on NGOs or the UN either.  Many of my views have matured since 2003 and I am not so angry any more.  However, I believe the stories do give added relief to the “Heart of Darkness” if that were really necessary.

There are many stories I will enter slowly because I want to take out some names and some events which if challenged I would have a hard time proving.  Your comments as I go along are welcome.


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